The first step to being successful is to know yourself and your worth. Because once you reach your peak or on your path to reaching your peak, it can change who you are. Now, there are different sorts of success, it doesn’t necessarily  have to do with money and what not but it can also just be a long life goal. You have to determine your success and overcome the mountains that comes with it.

I mean we can all be successful with a positive mindset and a certain goal in mind. Your goal doesn’t have to stretch, it could be something instant and beneficial. Your goal doesn’t have to do with spreading your wealth but accomplishing what you want.

Now this ties into the “American dream”, which is so overly stretched. I mean my parents came here from the Caribbean Islands in search of the so-called “American dream” but in reality they were so consumed with this dream they drowned. Unable to resurface, they are just as poor as when they left the country of Haiti. But here’s my question: how can my father work like a dog but still haven’t reached his success?

That’s because he’s so consume by this goal which has been out of reach for over 17 years that he can’t see he’s drowning. He is letting the goal take over his life he can’t see the real success in his own life. His loving wife, that will go to the ends of the earth for him, his three beautiful children, that loves him unconditionally. The family that adores him is right in front of him but is blinded by the so-called “American dream” he misses his own success because if it’s not wealth that he has, he isn’t successful.

I would love to tell this man, and I am quoting Hamilton, “take a break, run away with us…” and enjoy the success that is already continuously building right in front of him.

Money Daddy

I see your struggles

And you try to juggle

Our perfect home unbuckle

Your two baby girls left

And it was hard to ingest

They left you a mess

And you don’t want me to grow breast

And leave our home address

You’re scared your face express

And I must confess

My heart will never be possessed

By this address

I’m growing Daddy

But you still have your laddie

And sadly I know it doesn’t make you happy

I know the real reason you want me to stay

You didn’t need to display or say

You don’t see the upcoming payday

It’s not like back in the old days

Where my older sister could ask for money right away

I know I have to wait

Money’s just delayed

And I know it gives you a heartache

Not being able to donate for you kid’s sake

And the life we’re living now isn’t a piece of cake

But that’s not what I want

I want the person who made time for his daughter

The person that isn’t doing work slaughtered

The first man to teach me to dance

Who wasn’t focused on finance

But the family he adored

The one that didn’t ignore

The only man who poured

His love and implored for more

Give me that daddy

And the life lessons of boys who are whores

How I don’t deserve them anymore

Or the life lessons of strengths

How you would passed arm’s length

Just to save his baby girl

–Miloh B


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